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Natural Mosquito Repelling Soap and Why to Use It

By Sydney Caylor


The Body Soul and Soap Bug-Off Bar is a citronella packed, natural alternative to bug sprays loaded with deet and other chemicals. Awesome soap for ball players, outdoor workers and golfers this time of year!

Growing up I was always and outdoorsy kid.  Winter and Fall time were easy to deal with but as soon as it started to heat up I might as well have had a sign on my forehead that said "Mosquito food" I couldn't go outside without being eaten up and as I have gotten older the problem still exist.  It has always been convenient to use mosquito spray but as I've aged I have become more aware of the products I use on my skin.  I have four dogs so each time we go outside I'm always spraying myself down in a huge chemical could and holding my breath till I can run far enough away from the chemicals or jump off the porch far enough to not choke to death on them. I found myself starting to spray my dogs one day when I thought to myself, "Why would I put this on their gorgeous fur? And why do I keep putting this all over my skin and hair multiple times a day?" And that's how it hit me to make a soap/shampoo bar that has pure citronella essential oil in it along with other ingredients that are actually great for my skin and hair (my pets fur also!)    

The Body Soul and Soap Bug-Off bar is and old fashion style soap with natural ingredients. It contains butters and oils such as cocoa, shea and hemp seed that are great for all skin types and people of all ages.  The Bug-Off bar can be used in hair and on skin. It is very gentle and great for people who love to be outside.

When to use Bug-Off Soap/Shampoo bar

Use in the shower wherever desired before: Ballgames (an outfielders best friend), Hiking, Mowing the yard, Walking the dog, Golfing, Gardening, Washing the car,

Wash dogs with Bug-Off bar as often as desired to help repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos (does not take place of a monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventative)

Extra Tip: Wash your little ball players hat with the Bug-Off bar in the sink and let air dry to help repel bugs from their face during ball games

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